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What is Final Expense/Burial Insurance?

Final Expense or Burial Insurance is designed for exactly that. It provides your beneficiary a check to cover funeral costs or burial costs. These coverage amounts range from $2,000 up to $40,000. Each person has a very different need, so that is why there is such a wide range of coverage. These programs are not designed for someone who is looking to protect their mortgage, or provide a college fund for their children when they pass. Burial insurance is specifically designed for those that want to make sure their loved ones never have to start a GoFundMe, or have yard sales and cookouts just to get them a proper burial. These programs give our clients peace of mind knowing that they have everything in place for when that day comes.

Compare Quotes with Ark Burial Insurance specializes in Burial insurance.

We represent the top carriers in the nation to provide our clients with the absolute best policy for their specific needs.

Many of these carriers will give us an approval instantly! This means you can get a policy typically within about 35-45 minutes. Crazy right? The process is so simple and only requires that you be honest and truthful when we ask a few questions to see what you qualify for.

Because of COVID, we are fortunate enough that our carriers allow us to do all of this over the phone. We never have to meet at your house, just a simple phone call where we ask a few qualifying health questions, we then will search the best carrier that offers you the best price, and finally we submit an Electronic Application, or we do a three-way call with the carrier themselves! At the end of these calls they will give us an instant decision 99% of the time.

Customer Reviews

“Noah I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the superior professional service that u provided during my recent purchase of Life Insurance. You explained each of my options, the differences in each and gave me adequate time to consider each option. You were very mindful and respectful of my financial needs and advised me accordingly. Again, I greatly appreciate your time and professional services.”

“Noah you are a good agent and helped me when I needed it thanks so much God Bless you your the best.”

“You have lifted a giant weight off of my shoulders that I have been carrying around for a long time. Now I know my family will be fine when I pass away and they won’t have to go into any debt for it. Thank you so much.”