Best Burial Insurance in Virginia (2023)

Above all, it is so important for residents to find the best burial insurance in Virginia. 

I am so proud to be able to represent the best options for the amazing people of Virginia! That is not something I take lightly.

Along with my wish to walk on the famous Virginia Beach, and see Shenandoah National Park, my wish is to have every resident be aware of their burial insurance options that they have in front of them being from Virginia. 

Virginia has fantastic options for seniors looking for burial insurance, or family members looking for burial insurance for others. It is simply my job to provide the best possible solutions!

Let’s dive into the best options for burial insurance in Virginia. 

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What is Burial Insurance in Virginia?

Burial insurance is a type of whole Life Insurance policy. It has a few differences from traditional whole life, and I will explain those differences. 

The main differences are:

  • No Health Exam
  • Coverage Amounts
  • Issue Time

Burial insurance policies require no health exam. Whereas most traditional whole life plans require them, burial insurance plans do not! You don’t have to worry about having to meet with a nurse or doctor, drawing blood or giving a urine sample. It is as simple as a prescription check, and a review of the health records to verify you are as healthy as you say you are! Very simple and straightforward. 

While clients can purchase traditional whole life plans in coverage amounts of $50,000+, burial insurance policies are much smaller. These plans cover amounts in the range of $1,000-$40,000. This is why we call them “Burial Insurance” or “Final Expense” insurance plans. They are specifically structured to cover the end of life expenses. 

Issue time is another big difference when it comes to these Burial Insurance policies. They are considered “simplified issue” meaning it is a very easy process to issue the policy. Once the application is done and submitted, you are typically covered that day. With the carriers I use, which are the best in the country, you almost always get an immediate answer. 

Best Burial Insurance Options for Virginia

Luckily for you, I represent the absolute best burial insurance carriers in the country hands down. I take a lot of pride in the fact that my clients are always protected with the best carrier for their specific need, and at the best price. 

Taking that into consideration, there are some carriers that stand out more than others. These carriers are who I place most of my clients with. Each client has a different situation and need, but these carriers pretty much cover the board. 

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha has fantastic rates for my healthy clients. Anytime I meet with someone that is pretty healthy and has moderate to no health issues, Mutual of Omaha gets my first thought. There are a few reasons for this which I will dive into. 

The biggest factor for most people when considering burial insurance is price. I mean why not pay the lowest premium possible if it is adequate coverage right? That is the thought process of many of my clients, and I can’t say I disagree with them. 

Mutual of Omaha has one of the best priced burial insurance products in the nation. Many times, it is the absolute best priced product available for clients. They definitely have their “perfect client” but many people fall into this category. 

Across the board I see most of my clients fighting issues like High Blood pressure, High cholesterol, etc. These things are not as serious as Diabetic neuropathy or COPD or even CHF. Mutual of Omaha has no issues with those that have no health issues, or those with simple blood pressure or cholesterol issues. 

Once we start seeing issues like neuropathy or COPD, it is time to look at other carriers. 

I love Mutual of Omaha for a few reasons, one being how long they have been around! They are one of the most well known insurance companies in the world, thanks to their advertising in the 70’s and 80’s, but make no mistake they are one of the best for sure. They have been around for over 100 years and have amazing financial ratings. 

My clients don’t lose sleep at night with any of my carriers, and Mutual of Omaha is near the top of my list, if not the top. 

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This is a company that I am certain most everyone has heard of. If you haven’t, next time you see a CVS health sign, this is them! Much like Mutual, they have been around for a very long time, and have a fantastic track record of serving their policyholders. 

Above all, when considering your burial insurance options, it is crucial to know that the company you have a policy with will take care of your beneficiary when you need them to. Aetna/CVS is one of them!

I really like this company for my clients that have no to moderate issues, up to even COPD with no oxygen use. Many people with COPD will not be able to get Day 1 coverage, meaning they will have to go through a waiting period. However, if you are not on oxygen, CVS can actually get you covered immediately. This means that you will have coverage as soon as the first payment is drafted. 

That is a handshake you can’t get anywhere else! I am so proud to offer that to my clients. 

Aetna/CVS also has the industry leading signature process in my opinion. It is no email signature or tele-interview, it is simply a security question signature. You choose a security question, provide the answer when we do the application, and you are good to go! 

They also do give an instant decision for many clients, which is very nice to know without a doubt you are covered the same day. 

Royal Neighbors of America

Few companies have a story like Royal Neighbors of America (RNA). Starting in the 1800’s by 9 women, RNA is still going strong. And not just surviving, they are one of the top final expense burial insurance companies in the entire nation. 

RNA is perfect for clients that may struggle with weight, or have bipolar, depression, or other mental health issues. They will cover those types of clients for day one coverage. 

The signature process is very simple. There is no electronic application, only a simple phone interview. This is done with me on the phone with you, and it is the easiest phone interview in the industry in my opinion. 

They also offer some pretty incredible living benefits such as a tele-health directive, a free basic will, and others. My clients that become policy holders with Royal Neighbors only have one regret: not becoming a policyholder sooner!

Great Western

Great Western is the company I go to for my clients with some serious health issues. This is for my clients with Cancer history, COPD with oxygen, etc. 

The product used with Great Western is their “Guaranteed Assurance” plan. This is a guaranteed issue policy, which means there is a 2-year waiting period. 

However, as I mention in the article I have linked, this does not mean your beneficiary receives nothing if you pass away in the first 24 months. 

Accidental death is covered immediately, and if you do pass in the first 2 years, they will receive 110% of the premiums you have paid on the policy. This is a great handshake for the right person because there is simply nowhere you can put money and grow 10% within 2 years. The saying, “Something is better than nothing” is certainly true with Burial Insurance. 

Burial Insurance Rates (2023)

Here is a range of ages and scenarios for $10,000 in coverage. 

These are actual rates that you can expect to pay. I do recommend to get your own personalized quote here!

This will give you an exact idea of what you can expect to be paying for your burial insurance policy. 

AgeMale Non-Smoker
Female Non-Smoker
Male Smoker
Female Smoker

Closing Thoughts

Most importantly, I want any Virginia resident to know that they have options available to them for burial insurance. 

The good news is I offer the best possible options in the country for Virginia’s folks, and love to do so. You should know 100% that your family is taken care of when that time comes and they need it, because it will come, and they will need it. 

As always, leave your questions and comments for me below! I look forward to serving you and your family. 

God Bless. 

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