Does Burial Insurance Cover Cremation?

Does Burial Insurance Cover Cremation?

One of the many questions that I have gotten over the years is whether or not burial insurance covers cremation or not. I have gotten the question so often that I decided to write an article about it and post it here on So does burial insurance cover cremation? Let’s find out.

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First Things First

First off, we need to know what burial insurance is exactly, which I do explain in another article here. Burial insurance is a form of life insurance that is designed to cover a person’s burial costs. Does cremation fall into that category? Absolutely it does.

There are two main options that people have for their burial when they pass away. The main option these days is a burial. This would involve a casket, headstone, sometimes a memorial service, and a vault. The other option is cremation. This typically includes an urn to hold the remains, maybe a memorial service and graveside service.

With the rising costs of living, we know that the cost of dying goes up in tangent. As wild as that sounds, it costs more to die today than it did even just 5 years ago. Because of this, many people wish to be cremated to save the money, which is absolutely fair! I would argue though, that with burial insurance, you could combat this issue. In fact, it is what burial insurance is designed for. Nevertheless, some people wish to be cremated regardless of the cost, and that is what this article is about.

How Does It Cover Cremation?

The answer to this is very simple. It all boils down to what burial insurance actually is. Like I mentioned before, burial insurance pays the family or loved ones whenever the family member that has the policy passes away. The best part of these policies is that it is totally up to the beneficiary what they decide to do with the money! With that being said, I write policies every day for people who wish to be cremated, and yes there is a specific way to get a cremation-focused burial insurance policy.

How Do I Get A Cremation Burial Policy?

Getting a cremation burial policy is the same process as getting a burial policy for a traditional funeral. The difference is in the face amount, or the amount of insurance that you choose to get. I typically see cremations going for anywhere from $1,500 up to $5,000. You can go lower than that or higher than that depending on what you do as far as a service and urn, but that is the range that I see many people pay for a cremation.

Because that is the range, I tell my clients that prefer cremation over burial that the safe place to be is in the $3,000 range. Why wouldn’t I put them at the $1,500 range? Or the $5,000 range? That answer is also very simple.

See when my clients get burial insurance, 99% of them are not planning on dying today, or tomorrow, or even a few years from now. Most people plan on living a long, happy life, which for my clients can be another 20-30 years! So why would I insure them for $1,500 that would cover a cremation today, but probably won’t even touch a cremation 15 or 20 years from now? That would make me a bad Insurance Agent wouldn’t it? And on the other side, why would I insure someone for $5,000 cremation if they can’t afford the premium?

What I am getting at here is that each individual is different. They have different needs, goals, and different financial situations. Cremation burial insurance is not a “one size fits all”. It is a intricate plan that deserves the personalization that I put into it for my clients. Some clients do not want a full service and urn, some want a full service, visitation service, and gravesite service. Each case is different, and if you ever have an agent tell you otherwise, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Where Can I Get A Cremation Policy Quote?

You came to the right place! If you are looking for an accurate price for how much your cremation policy would cost, just click here and it will take you to my quoter. You’ll put in some information and you get to decide how much your family needs for your cremation plan! Once you do that, it will show you some prices! If you like the price options, which I assume you will be surprised at how affordable they are, select the one you like the best, with the company of your choice and I will reach out to you!

I try my best to make this process as simple as possible. That is why I love for my clients to be able to see the prices themselves and even select the company they know and trust! It is such an easy process to get a cremation policy with me at, and I take a lot of pride in that.


In conclusion, it is most important to know that yes, cremations are covered under a burial policy. Once the insured passes away, the beneficiary gets the payout, and they are able to take care of whatever the need is! I hope you also have checked out a price for yourself or for a loved one! Feel free to get yourself an accurate, free quote here on my site.


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