Getting Burial Insurance with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) or Hypertension has become increasingly common in our modern world, especially in the United States. So has purchasing burial insurance!

So how does HBP impact your ability to get burial insurance? What limitations does it put on you, and how can you know if you have the best possible solution for your family? 

All of those questions will be answered here, so let’s get into it!

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What Is High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure, or the medical term, Hypertension is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high. Basically, the blood is pushing too hard on the arterial walls. 

This can be caused by stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, and other things. Most commonly, it is a bad diet or stress.

Symptoms are relatively absent when you have high blood pressure. Sometimes you may get headaches or feel lightheaded, but most of the time it disguises itself. 

If left untreated, it can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Commonly, people treat and manage hypertension with a better diet that lacks salt, more exercise, or sometimes prescription medications to keep it under control.

There are a handful of common prescriptions that I see with my clients that have High Blood Pressure. They are

  • Lisinopril
  • Losartan
  • Amlodipine
  • Hydrochlorothiazide

These are the medications that I see most of the time when my clients tell me they have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.

Can I Get Burial Insurance with High Blood Pressure?

If a high blood pressure diagnoses has you worried that you won’t be able to get burial insurance, let this put you at ease, you absolutely can get day one level coverage with high blood pressure. 

I see it every day. Like I mentioned before, HBP is becoming a very common health issue in our country, and virtually every senior that I have the joy of talking with about burial insurance has it. The tricky part is when dealing with your medications. 

See if you are on multiple medications for the same issue, that creates a risk in the insurance company’s eyes. 

2 meds and under and you are just fine. 3 or more and you may be subject to a little further underwriting from the company. 

That is nothing to worry about, it just means it may take a day or two to get approved. 

What HBP Medications Can Prevent Me From Getting Burial Insurance?

There really isn’t any one medication that will keep you from qualifying for burial insurance. 

The honest answer is that each case is different, and I would need to look at your case to give you a definite answer of what type of coverage you qualify for. For example, if HBP was the only health issue you have, I have no doubt in my mind that I can get you covered right now today with no questions asked. 

Even if you are on Lisinopril and hydrochlorithiazide together, no problem at all. 

The grey area comes when you have more than 2 medications for HBP. If you are taking more than 2 for the same condition, it seems that it is not easily controlled which looks like you are a high risk individual for something like a heart attack or stroke. 

This does not mean that you are, it just means from an insurance company’s standpoint, it looks that way. 

Will High Blood Pressure Make my Rate Increase?

Not necessarily! Like I mentioned before, many of my clients have HBP. 90% of the time, they get day one, level coverage and it is the same rate as a perfectly healthy individual. 

This is a common misconception in the burial insurance world. Many people think that because they take one medication for one condition, that it can throw them off track and cause them to have to pay way more than the average joe. That is simply not true. 

Especially with a illness as common as HBP, insurance companies are pretty lenient, and they honestly don’t care a whole lot about it as long as it is managed and controlled. 

How Can I Know What I Qualify For?

The best way to find out what you qualify for is to find your price here on the site! You can click above on the “Check Burial Insurance Rates” tab, OR you can just simply fill out the form on this screen and check prices that way. 

Once you have found your price you can even pre qualify by filling out a health questionnaire, which remains totally confidential. This will let me know what companies to look at on your behalf, then I will get back to you with a company, accurate price down to the penny, and a plan of action to get you covered immediately. 

The best part about it is I am a very easy going Independent Broker. I do not like when my clients have to work hard and are confused during the process of getting burial insurance for themselves or a loved one. Because of this, I can do this work over email, text, or phone call. Whatever is easiest for you.

It is my job to cater to you, not the other way around. Any agent who tells you different is only looking to fill their pockets, not yours.  


At the end of the day, do not let your high blood pressure diagnosis keep you from getting burial insurance. 

It is nothing to be scared of, and odds are the company will approve you like you are the healthiest client they have ever seen. 

Work with a broker like me, get your quote here on my site today, and we can get you covered in 15 minutes. Then you can put all of your concerns to rest, and be at peace knowing that your family and loved ones are financially okay if you pass away. 

Leave a comment for me or a question below if you have any! I look forward to serving your family.

God Bless