The Truth About Getting Burial Insurance for Your Grandparent

The Truth About Getting burial Insurance for Your Grandparents

Above the grief of losing their grandparent, grandchildren largely have one thing in common: the financial burden after the death. 

If you are wondering how to relieve this burden from you and your family, you came to the right place! I will explain the ins and outs of getting burial insurance for your grandparents in this article. 

With that being said, let’s get started! 

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Can I Get Burial Insurance for my Grandparent?

Yes, you absolutely can. The thing most people do not know about burial insurance is that you can get it on someone other than yourself. In this case, we are talking about your grandparent. It can even be both of your grandparents, on both sides! 

In fact, I often encourage people to consider getting burial coverage for their grandparents if it is within their means. I do this because sometimes when our grandparents get older, their income starts to shrink. Some retirements and social security checks are not that big, so often times burial insurance is put on the back burner. That is where it’s important for the kids and grandkids to shop around so that they are not financially vulnerable when the time of their passing comes!

How Can I Get Burial Insurance for my Grandparent?

The process isn’t as complicated as you may think. It is honestly so easy that I don’t understand why more people don’t do it! I will make it simple and break it down into 4 stages. 

  • Get A Quote
  • Get Them Pre-Approved
  • Apply for the Coverage
  • Pay the first premium

That’s it! Just 4 simple steps. Now you know the steps, so what do they entail?

1. Getting a Quote

Getting a quote is by far one of the most overcomplicated things that people do now days. And it is not the consumer’s fault! It is the agent! I have seen countless agents throughout my career make it so difficult for sweet people to get a simple burial insurance quote. I don’t understand it by any means, but the only thing I can do is do my part. 

If you are having a difficult time getting a quote, you can enter your information on the right side of this screen, or click here to go to my quoter! This will give you accurate prices on whatever coverage amount you need!

See, everyone is different. What one person needs for their grandparent’s burial is not what the next person needs. So take the time to decide what is best for your family, and get yourself a free quote on me. 

2. Getting Them Pre-Approved

I don’t believe any of these steps are difficult or hard, but if there was one step that is it would be getting Pre-Approved. The reason it is hard is because you just have to answer a few health questions from me about your grandparent. Nothing too crazy right? 

I even have made this easier for my clients as well! See once you have completed your quote, you will be given multiple options from different companies. You choose the price point that you like, and then choose the company that you trust and you can start the pre-approval process by completing a survey. 

Once this is done, the hard part is over!

3. Applying for Coverage

To apply for coverage, that is basically all on me. At this point, I have collected all of the information that I need from you, and now the only thing to do is find the right company for your needs, and apply. 

The company gives us a yes or no answer, typically within a few minutes but sometimes it does take a day or two. I pride myself in the fact that my clients never have to be worried about getting denied. Because I am independent, I have so many different options to choose from, so if one company tells us no, we just move to the next. 

4. Paying the First Premium

The absolute best part about what I do is I am able to get clients a policy, and they don’t have to pay until a couple weeks, or even a month from the day we get the application in. Not many people can say that! 

The insurance doesn’t go into effect until the first month’s premium is paid, but if you haven’t gotten paid for the week, we can put it off to next week with no extra charge or fee! 

Who Can Pay The Premium?

Anyone can! Grandkids, kids, or anyone that wants to help! I encourage grandparents to try to get help from their children or grandchildren for these plans if they need it. I see everyday how hard some grandparents have it, especially when they reach retirement age and are living off of social security or disability. 

The money gets tight and burial insurance gets pushed to the side! This is where it is so important for you to look into getting insurance for your grandparent. That way they don’t have to pay for it, or at least all of it, and you and your family are protected. 

Don’t let your procrastination cost you and your family a financial burden! 


In conclusion, if you are grandchild looking for burial insurance on your grandparent, you came to the right place. It is so easy to get a quote with me, just check out the quoter on the right side of this page, or at the top. 

I have never met a grandparent who wanted to leave behind a financial burden for their children and loved ones, and I would bet that yours doesn’t either. Take the few minutes out of your day and just see how much it would cost, and then let me know in the comments below or give me a call if I can help answer any questions for you!

God Bless