Top Burial Insurance Options for Seniors in 2022

Having burial insurance in 2022 is extremely important, but it is even more important to have the best possible option out there!

For the same reasons why it is important to eat the best food, drive the best vehicles, and live in the best conditions that you can afford, I believe it is equally important to have the best burial insurance that is available to you!

In this article, I will cover what exactly are the best options for seniors in 2022 for burial insurance. It may surprise you!

Let’s get started. 


What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is a type of life insurance that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in 2022. 

More seniors are turning 65 every day, and burial insurance ranges typically from ages 55-85 with some exceptions on both ends. 

Burial insurance is also referred to as Final Expense insurance as well. 

It is a small whole life policy that ranges in coverage amounts from $1,000 up to $40,000. Sometimes clients will get $50,000 but not typically with only one policy. Since it is whole life, the coverage never goes away as long as you pay the premium, and the premium never increases no matter what health issues may come, or how old you get. It is locked in for life. 

Once you pass away, your beneficiary of your choice gets the insurance payment within a few days or a week. They use this to cover costs of the funeral, or anything they wish. 

Who Can Get Burial Insurance?

Typically people in the age range of 55-85 get burial insurance. 

However, you can get it from ages 0-85 sometimes even over 85. So the best thing to do is to get it early!

Life insurance is much cheaper when we are young, so the time for it is now when its lower priced and we can afford more coverage! 

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, however females will definitely get better rates! The reason for this is men are typically riskier, and let’s face it we don’t live as long as women statistically. 

You can find out how affordable it is here on my site actually. Check out the “Check Burial Insurance Rates” tab on this page near the top and you can get yourself a free, accurate quote! 

What is The Best Burial Insurance?

In all honesty, the best burial insurance is the insurance that you can afford. You want to be sure you can afford what you are getting, and are not stretching yourself financially. Whether that’s $25 per month or $250. 

The goal is to get at least something so that your family does not have to worry about it when the time comes. 

When it comes to individual policies, there are Insurance Companies, or Carriers, that are better than others in my opinion! So here are my top choices for my clients in 2022:

1. Mutual of Omaha - Living Promise

  • Established in 1909
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Strong Financial Rating
  • One of the Top Carriers for Life Insurance in the Nation

Mutual of Omaha is one of my go to carriers for my clients in 2022. The reason is you just can’t beat their rates! 

They are more affordable by far than some of the burial insurance ads you see on television, such as Colonial Penn, Lincoln Heritage, AARP, etc. 

The most important thing is they offer true final expense insurance. They have a product designed specifically for it!

Living Promise is the name of their final expense burial insurance product, and it is has the best rates in the industry! You can check a rate for yourself here on my site! Just fill in your info on the “Check Burial Insurance Rates” section, or leave a comment below and I will reach out. 

The application is super simple, and the signature process is electronic. So no worries about having someone come to your house to get burial insurance! Do it from the ease of your cell phone with electronic signatures!

2. Aetna/CVS - Final Expense

  • In business since 1853
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Strong Financial rating
  • Top carrier for Final Expense and Medicare


Aetna/CVS is a close second to Mutual of Omaha. They are just a little bit more pricey, but for the right person they are excellent! 

They are great for clients with COPD that aren’t on oxygen yet. These clients can actually get day one level coverage even with a COPD diagnosis. There aren’t many carriers that can do that, especially at the price point that Aetna/CVS holds. 

Another great aspect of Aetna is the ability to get your Final expense and Medicare insurance under the same hat! As I mentioned, my clients are typically age 55-85 with the majority staying in the 63-68 range. This makes them eligible for Medicare. 

Aetna takes care of this by offering both final expense and medicare supplements on their platform! It’s as easy as shopping online. 

One of the big reasons I like this company as my #2 for 2022 is their signature process. It is a security question! You don’t have to worry about having to access your email and sign something on your phone, you just simply answer a security question and you are covered!

3. Royal Neighbors of America - Final Expense

  • Founded in 1895 by 9 women
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Strong Financial Rating
  • Instant Approval Application System

Royal Neighbors of America (RNA) has one of the best origin stories out there! 

in 1895, 9 women got together to form this amazing company. 

Starting an Insurance company would be extremely challenging even in today’s world, for men and women. Starting one in 1895 as women was near impossible. 

That should tell you what kind of company you are dealing with! 

RNA offers a very competitively priced Final Expense product. It is also an extremely easy application process. 

With RNA, we simply call in to the company and a professional interviewer asks health questions to the insured to qualify them for coverage. The best part is at the end of the phone call, they say yes or no. 

If you get a yes, which 95% of my clients do, you are covered. If you get a no, it just means we switch and apply for another carrier. 

Teaming their great product, with the easy application, it’s a no brainer why they are in my top 3. 

4. Prosperity Life - New Vista

  • Prosperity Life is a sister company of SBLI, which gives them a great financial backing and rating with BBB
  • Excellent customer service
  • Instant Approval
  • Application similar to RNA

Prosperity life is one of my absolute go to carriers for 2022. They are priced terrifically, and the application process is very simple. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are easier applications with Aetna/CVS or Mutual of Omaha, but Prosperity is great! You simply go through an electronic application with me, and then answer health questions with an interviewer from a 3rd party company. 

The highlight with Prosperity is their instant approval. At the end of the interview, we get a yes or no. There is no in between! 


5. Great Western - Great Assurance/ Guaranteed Assurance

  • Great ratings with BBB
  • Strong Financial Rating
  • Very easy application
  • Guaranteed approval

Great western is my #5 because they are a niche company. What that means is they are great for their niche, but not for people that are healthy. 

The fact of the matter is there are much better prices out there, and quicker coverage than Great Western. 

Great Western is absolutely fantastic when you are a client who has COPD with oxygen use, Cancer history, Congestive Heart Failure, or anything that other carriers would consider too risky. 

The application process is all electronic, with a voice signature at the end. So we fill out the application, then we are able to call in to a line that records me as I read off the script they provide. 

Where Can I Get This Coverage?

Right here! You can actually get a free and accurate quote right here on my website. Just check out the “Check Burial Insurance Rates” Tab at the top, or fill out the form on your screen to check rates. 

This will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to get the coverage amounts that you desire. The best part is, you don’t have to pay now! You can set this up to come out as far as a month from now without having to pay a penny down. 

I take pride in the fact that for the majority of my career, I have been focused on being a burial insurance specialist. Seniors need this product, and I am the best in the business to offer it. 

Of all of these carriers I mentioned, I represent them all at the highest level. I also represent many others that may fit your needs better! So it is always important to check with me. 

Closing Thoughts

In closing, I believe that everyone needs burial insurance, not just seniors. 

The younger we are, the more affordable the coverage is. That means the older we get, the higher it gets. And trust me, once you reach a certain age, it gets high very fast. 

Don’t put it off! Get your quote today and find out if it’s something you can afford. If so, reach out to me and let’s get you covered ASAP. 

As always, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below or reach out to me directly! I look forward to serving you and your family. 

God Bless.