Best Burial Insurance for New York (2023)

Above all, seniors in New York need to know that burial insurance is extremely important to have. 

Being a senior in New York, you probably know as well as anyone that it is a state that is very difficult to get burial insurance in! This is due to regulations and laws, which caused almost all carriers to leave the state. Life insurance in New York is just tough!

Luckily for you, I am a National Independent agent and have a couple of carriers that are absolutely fantastic for New York. Now there is absolutely no reason why seniors in New York can’t have access to the absolute best Burial Insurance available to them. 

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Burial Insurance in New York

Most importantly, you should know that being a senior in New York, you absolutely have access to burial insurance programs. 

With that being said, there are not near as many options as there are for other states. This can be a bad thing depending on the agent you are working with. At Ark Burial Insurance, I’ve got you covered!

While New York is tricky, I believe the seniors there need these programs as much as anywhere else. For that reason, I have my license in New York, and have carriers to help my clients there. 

Why is Burial Insurance Hard to Get?

Keep in mind that it isn’t that burial insurance is hard to get, it is hard to get it IN NEW YORK. 

The reason behind this issue is the laws and regulations that are put on both carriers and agents alike. This caused many of these carriers to leave, and for agents to not get licensed or to simply not renew it. Ultimately, it is a very sad thing to see, as the people of New York desperately need these policies!

Once you find an agent that can help you, like me, the process is very simple. 


Getting Burial Insurance in New York

First things first, everyone must qualify for their burial insurance policy. With the policies we offer, you can actually qualify without having to do any sort of medical exam. 

It is a very simple process!

  • Get Pre-Qualified
  • Find the right carrier
  • Apply for coverage
  • Make the payment

You can actually do 50% of this process all on this website! Above all, I want everyone to know how simple it is to get these policies, as many people do not know. Without having knowledge of this world of burial insurance as I do, it can seem very difficult. Luckily, it is not. 

You can click Here to Pre-Qualify

Once you have Pre-qualified, or before, you can get a quote here on the page or by clicking Here. This will show you a list of carriers available to you. 

Best Life Insurance Companies in New York

Unfortunately, the list of life insurance carriers in New York gets smaller and smaller. With that said, there are still a few very good carriers in the state, that are perfect for New York seniors. 

Royal Arcanum

This is my go to carrier for New York seniors for a variety of reasons. 

Ultimately, they provide incredible coverage for very low cost, and different rating classes as well. 

Royal Arcanum has a day one product, as well as a graded product. This means that healthy clients can get coverage the same day they apply, which is fantastic! It also means they don’t have to turn away the not so healthy clients that still need burial insurance. 

The graded product does have a waiting period, but that does not mean your beneficiary will not receive anything when you pass, they will get something!

If you pass away in the first 12 months, they would get Return of Premium (ROP) plus 4.5%

In the second year, they will receive 25% of the face amount (total insurance).

After 24 months and a second, they will get the full face amount. 


Transamerica is not my favorite carrier by any means, but they are definitely on this list for New York. 

Aside from Royal Arcanum, they are the next most affordable when it comes to burial insurance in New York. The reason I don’t like them too much is their underwriting is very stringent. It can be a frustrating process when we apply for coverage, and don’t get a direct answer for several days. 

I would much rather prefer getting a direct answer either immediately or within 24-48 hours. Unfortunately Transamerica doesn’t offer this, and sometimes will give adverse decisions based off of minor health issues. 

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Burial Insurance Rates

Keeping transparency in mind, I have provided a list of typical burial insurance rates that you can expect across the board. 

These rates are nationwide, so you may even get cheaper rates as a NY resident. For a quote specific to you, either comment below or reach out to me here. I would love to get you a quote in seconds!

AgeMale Non-Smoker
Female Non-Smoker
Male Smoker
Female Smoker

Closing Thoughts

Above all, I want every New York senior to know they have options when it comes to burial insurance. 

While it may be slightly trickier, it is so worth it to have peace of mind knowing that your family is protected no matter what when that time comes and you pass away. That is what is most important here. 

As always, leave any questions or comments for me down below, I look forward to serving you and your family!

God Bless.