How Much Burial Insurance Do I Need?

Deciding how much burial insurance you need can definitely be tricky. Especially in 2022 when the price of dying is almost as much as the price of living!

In this article I will be giving my professional opinion on how much burial insurance you need, and what that looks like for you and your family. 

By the end, you should have all of your questions answered and your mind at ease! So let’s get started. 

Article Highlights

What is Burial Insurance?

I have articles on deep dives of what exactly burial insurance is, and you can find those here

For a quick rundown of what burial insurance is, it is a form of life insurance that is designed to pay for the end of life costs. These costs would be a funeral, cremation, and any costs that would come. 

These policies are also called Final Expense policies or plans, but they all mean the same thing. You will actually see me refer to it as burial insurance or final expense. 

They are whole life plans, so you never have to worry about the coverage going away, or the cost going up. Once you are locked in to your policy, you have that rate and coverage locked in for life! At least here at you do!

These policies have many strong points, a few of them are 

  • No Medical Exam
  • Instant Approval
  • Easy Signature Processes
  • Guaranteed Coverage

To learn more about the costs of these policies, or just any questions in general feel free to reach out to me either in the comments below or on my “Contact” Page!

How Much Coverage can I Get?

The beauty of burial insurance is that these policies are designed to cover anywhere from $1,000 up to $50,000. 

The cool thing is that you can actually stack policies. Meaning you can get more than one to give you even more coverage if you want! 

I have seen many times clients get a $15,000 policy to start with, and then a few months down the road they decide they want to add another $15,000 or $20,000 to it! This is totally possible, and very easy when you work with an independent broker like me. 

What it really boils down to is what fits your needs the best? The reality is what fits one of my clients needs, does not fit the other clients. 

There is no one size fits all with life insurance, including final expense plans!

How Much do I Need?

To answer that question, we have to answer a few more first. 

There are some boxes we need to check to decide how much you really need to leave your family. The reason is if you are wanting a policy to cover a full funeral and service, you wouldn’t want to get a policy that would only cover a cremation. 

So we need to decide what you want your policy for exactly. 

Are you wanting it to cover a funeral? Cremation? 

Are you wanting to be able to leave behind an extra amount of money for your loved ones? 

If you haven’t decided those things don’t worry, I will cover how much you should need for each case. 


If you are someone who is wanting a burial policy to cover the costs of a funeral when you pass away, you fall into the category of the vast majority of my clients! 

This is the most common client that I have, and the coverage amount is fairly simple, but does depend on age. I will explain. 

If you are in your early 60’s, your expected to live longer than someone in their 80’s. So let’s say you are 60 now, and you live to be 80. Right now, an average funeral is around $8-12,000. That includes casket, vault, service, and headstone. 

However, that number is steadily climbing with inflation. So if you got a $12,000 policy today, but didn’t pass until 20 years from now, the cost of the funeral may very well be $30,000 instead of $12,000 like today. 

So for my clients that are younger, I like to see them get somewhere in the range of $18,000-$25,000+. I believe this gives them enough wiggle room to cover inflation costs and still maintain the affordability that we are all looking for. 


The same mindset applies here with the age of the client, but the amount of coverage is much lower here. 

For cremation, I typically see my clients needing anywhere from $2,500-$5,000 to cover their cremation needs. 

This would get them cremated, and a nice urn. Now if you are someone who wants a memorial service as well, definitely be looking more towards getting $5,000 and up. 

This will definitely put you in a safe place where your family won’t have to go out of pocket. 

Leaving Behind a Gift

If you are like my clients who want a burial insurance policy to cover their costs of a funeral, plus leave behind a gift for their family, you will need to be looking at higher levels of coverage. 

I would recommend to look at the $30,000-$50,000 in coverage range. 

This is what I always recommend for my clients, and I firmly believe they have enough there to cover a funeral or cremation, and leave a good amount behind for their loved ones and family. 

Where to Look for Coverage

Look no further than this website! You can get yourself a free and accurate quote right here on the site! Just fill in your info on the “Check Burial Insurance Rates” Form and you will see a list of prices and companies that I am proud to represent!

The best thing about working with me is that I am a burial insurance specialist. Every day is devoted to helping people get the proper coverage for when they pass away, and it has been for the majority of my career as a licensed Insurance Professional. 

You want to be sure to work with someone that specializes in this type of insurance. That way you get the best rates. I represent the best carriers across the nation and even wrote an article about my favorite ones for 2022 that you can find here

With me, you get the best rates, best companies, and best service. So look no further! 

Closing Thoughts

Burial insurance is something that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately I have seen too many times when people don’t take it serious, and by the time they do it is too late. 

You don’t want your family having to come up with money that you could have provided for them in a form of life insurance.

Life insurance is the best gift you can leave someone! Get yourself a free quote today and decide what you can afford comfortably. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below! Let me know what I can do to help you! I look forward to serving you and your family. 

God Bless.