2023 Open Care Senior Plans: What To Know

Open Care Senior Plans have caught traction in the Final Expense Burial Insurance community over the last several months. There are a few open care senior plan reviews, but this one will tell you all you need to know. 

You have probably seen an article or advertisement about low cost final expense plans with Open Care Seniors.

Specifically, the crazy low rates that they advertise! But what does the open care senior plan cost?

In all actuality, you may be upset when you discover what this $7.49 policy gets you. It is much like the Colonial Penn 995 plan in how misleading it is!

Who wouldn’t want Burial Coverage for $7.49 per month? But what does that really mean? How much coverage does that come with? How long until the coverage goes in effect and how long until it goes away?

This article will cover those topics, and more importantly help you decide if the Open Care Final Expense plan is right for you.

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What is Open Care?

Open Care Seniors is an independent agency. Meaning they are not the actual insurance carrier, they represent them. 

They are an independent, U.S based insurance agency that offers a variety of products for their clients. They offer the following products:

  • Life Insurance
    • Term
    • Final Expense
  • Medicare
    • Advantage Plans
    • Supplements

These products are primarily focused on the senior market, which is exactly how we run at Ark Burial Insurance

What is Different about Open Care and Ark?

The main difference is the transparency. 

I never advertise or tell my clients unrealistic monthly premiums for their burial insurance, or any other kind of life insurance. 

I believe it is my job to be as honest, and as helpful as possible, and I would not be doing that if I was just throwing numbers out there that look good so that seniors will try to get a plan with me. That is not what I am here for. 

I am here to serve my clients in the best possible way. That means getting them the best policy, with the best carrier, that first and foremost fits their needs, and their budget as well. All of those boxes must be checked before I help my clients. 

I make it my mission that my clients and their families are protected, and in a better situation than they were when we met! 

I also work at the highest level, with the best Final Expense carriers in the country. At best, only a select few agents in the nation can match what I am able to do for my clients. 

Open Care Final Expense would not advertise the way they do if they worked at the same level. There is no need in misleading clients in any way, just be honest and trustworthy. 

I believe clients want agents and brokers that are full of integrity. This way, they don’t have to worry about the agent or broker providing the policy that isn’t right for them. Client always comes first!

What is Final Expense?

Final Expense, or Burial Insurance, is just another way of describing a type of Life Insurance policy. 

These policies are structured in such a way that they will cover the costs of death. Meaning a funeral, cremation, or whatever the final wishes are. 

Some will go up high enough in coverage to provide a financial gift to the family, but make no mistake these policies are not made to payout hundreds of thousands. 

The policies range from $1,000 up to $50,000 and they cover ages 45-85 typically. There are some exceptions for ages, but most of the time my clients fall in that age range. 

What is the Final Expense plan?

The final expense plan that Open Care Seniors offers is most likely why you are here. 

You have probably seen the advertisement either on television or on their website saying

Rates as low as $0.25 per day or $7.49 per month!

This statement about the open care senior plan cost is extremely misleading. 

First things first, you should be aware that you will most likely not get that rate that is advertised. Much like Colonial Penn’s $9.95 plan, there is more to the story. 

Final expense is the term used for life insurance that is designed to cover a burial or cremation. The ages for this type of policy is typically 45-85 depending on the carrier. This is the type of burial insurance I actually specialize in, and have for most of my career. 

Open Care advertises that you can get rates extremely low, which in my opinion is very misleading. The chances of you getting a rate with their policies at that price is slim to none. In fact, I would be shocked to see anyone get that rate. 

Open Care Senior Plan Rates

Open Care rates vary, as they are an independent agency. The rates will depend on the carriers that they represent. 

This is similar to what I offer here at Ark burial, but the difference is I advertise accurate prices. I never tell my clients they will get coverage for $0.25 per day, even if they do end up getting that coverage at that price. The reason is 9 times out of 10 it won’t work that way. 

Most of the time, clients should expect at least $1 per day, depending on how much coverage they need, their age and health. This is the most transparent way to go about this serious topic, and it’s sad when companies advertise in this manner. 

Above all, I believe it is so important for clients to know exactly what they are getting. With me, they are getting the best of the best. That means the best rates, best carriers, and best agent on their side. You see, with me, the carriers want our business. That makes them compete for us. 

By us, I mean me and the client (you). 

Rest assured, my clients are perfectly safe and are in much better positions when they do business with me versus how they were before. Can you say that about Open Care?

That’s for you to decide. 

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What Options are There?

Open Care’s Final Expense plan for seniors has two options:

  • Simplified Issue
  • Guaranteed Issue

The plans go from ages 50-85 and up to $50,000 in coverage. 

This is a pretty normal thing in the industry, as final expense plans are simplified issue, which means no medical exam required. You don’t have to worry about getting blood drawn, or a urine sample taken. You simply answer the health questions on their application and apply for the coverage. 

Guaranteed issue is a little different. It means there are no medical exams, and no health questions. The downside is that there is a waiting period with the policy. 

This means that if you were to pass away in the first two years of having your policy, your beneficiary would get next to nothing compared to the policy. What the company will actually pay out is not the death benefit or the amount of coverage you are paying for. 

Instead, the company will write your beneficiary a check for all the payments you have made on your policy, plus interest. So in all honesty, most of the time your beneficiary wouldn’t even be able to afford an urn with the payment you would receive if you passed in the first two years.

Open Care Senior Plans Cost

On their website, it is claimed that a person can get $8,000 in coverage for anywhere from $17-$252 per month. 

This is such a wide range it is ridiculous to advertise in my opinion. 

More so, $17 is very low for that coverage amount, unless it is a young healthy female. Most of the rates will be much higher than that, and odds are with Open Care you would end up paying much more on the higher end rather than the low end. 

Yet again, this is just another example of a Life Insurance agency not being transparent and being somewhat misleading with their clients. 

Real Burial Insurance Rates

Here is a table of actual burial insurance rates that you can expect. 

These are with the Top Carriers in the Country, and they specialize in Burial Insurance! 

The rates that you see below are the exact ones that my clients are able to pay for their coverages. 

Above all, I believe transparency is absolutely crucial. When we are considering something like life insurance, that will take care of our loved ones after we are gone, it’s so important to know without a shadow of a doubt of what you are getting exactly. 

Aside from protecting my clients’ families, I believe it is my job and duty to be sure that my clients get the best priced burial insurance that they qualify for! That is why I offer these tables and free quotes. 

Everyone should know they have options out there. 

AgeMale Non-Smoker
Female Non-Smoker
Male Smoker
Female Smoker

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is one of my top carriers. The reason is because almost everyone has heard of them, especially if you watched television in the 70’s!

They have also been around for over a hundred years, which is a big deal when considering insurance companies. They have an outstanding financial rating, and a perfect record of always paying beneficiaries! 

I love using Mutual of Omaha for my clients that are healthy or just have a few health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

That is so important when considering life insurance companies, you never want a company that you’re not for sure will pay your beneficiary when they need it. 

Mutual of Omaha has a fairly easy signature process. There are pretty much two ways to do it, and both are electronic and over email, so if you are someone who doesn’t have access to an email, it might not be a bad idea to create one!

It doesn’t require you to be tech savvy or anything of that nature, you simply click the highlighted areas as it shows you, and apply your signature. 


Aetna or CVS is second on my list! The only reason why they are second to Mutual of Omaha is because they have slightly higher rates. It is nothing crazy, but when 90% of my clients are on limited fixed income, that price makes a difference. 

If you see the pharmacies that say “CVS” on them, this is the same company, just the life insurance division. 

They have a spectacular final expense burial insurance product, and great rates. I like to use CVS for my clients that have mild health issues up to even COPD with no oxygen use! These clients can get day one coverage, no waiting period, and coverage before they even go to sleep that night! 

One of the best features of CVS is the signature process! 

For my clients, they just have to answer the simple health questions, and a prescription check is done on the spot. For the actual signature, they have a security question signature!

This means you simply select a security question from the options that I provide you, and give the answer. Then you are all done! That’s it. Crazy right?

Aetna/CVS also has a very fast underwriting process. Most times, you can get an answer right there on the spot! With their accelerated underwriting, if the client qualifies for it, we simply click a button, and let the machine work! It will give us a response within a minute or two saying yes, no, or referred to underwriting. 

Great Western

Great Western is another company I keep close in my back pocket. They have a great financial rating and again, have been around a very long time. 

I use Great Western for my clients that have health issues like COPD with oxygen, cancer history in the last 2 years, organ transplants, etc. 

Great Western is great for clients with credit card only! So if you don’t have a bank account, we may consider this company. 

Their Guaranteed Issue product has a 2 year waiting period, but during that time, your beneficiary will still get a check if you passed away. It just won’t be for the entire amount of the policy. 

This is still a better handshake than other agents can offer, and I am proud to offer it to my clients who need it!

The signature process for Great Western is very simple. While we are on the phone, we simply call in to a recorded line, and I read a script that works as a document. You apply your signature verbally. 

Is Open Care a Scam?

Open care is not a scam.

They are an independent insurance agency based out of Florida. People buy life insurance or burial insurance through them, but they are not actually buying insurance directly from Open Care. 

Independent agencies work through the insurance carriers, which means your money goes straight to the carrier, and not the agency. 

The carrier then pays the agency a commission for writing business through them. 

This is exactly how my business, Ark Insurance, is set up. 

We are an independent agency that helps clients across the nation, while representing the best carriers in the nation. 

The big difference is that we do not falsely advertise rates for marketing! I try to be as up front and open as possible, as I feel that is what my clients need and deserve. 

I know for me, I would want my grandparents and parents to do business with someone who is open and transparent about everything, not someone who baits them in with low costs but changes it immediately. That is why I do business the way I do!

Is Open Care Right for Me?

In my professional experience, there are much better plans out there. If you are a senior in 2022 looking for burial insurance coverage or final expense plans, you can get good rates with the top A to A+ rated carriers in the country. 

You should work with an independent agent that is up front and honest with you. Unlike Open Care, I do not advertise unrealistic rates. Instead, I would rather my clients not have to guess what they would pay for coverage, so I have made it to where anyone can get a quote with my top carriers right here on the site. This eliminates all of the guessing. 

Time and time again, I see people having these plans like with Open Care or the 995 plan with Colonial, and they have no idea what it actually is. The don’t know that if they died tomorrow, their beneficiary might be lucky to get a cup of coffee and a dinner with their payout. 

As a professional in this industry, it hurts me to see these sweet seniors be mislead in this way. 

This has become a norm in this world, people misleading others to their own benefit. However, this is not how I conduct my business. I believe it is my job to make certain that my clients are in a better position when we have conducted business than they were before we met. 

I take that to heart, and very seriously. 

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Open Care Pros and Cons

Above all, transparency is key in my opinion. Yes, I 100% believe that the products offered at Ark Burial Insurance are far better than those offered at Open Care. 

With that being said, I still want to list the Pros and Cons of Open care, just to be transparent. 


  • Possible first day coverage, no guarantee. 
  • Simple online application.
  • No medical Exams (typical with these policies)
  • Can accept credit cards or EFT.
  • Some living benefits (Critical Illness)


  • Portray themselves as an Insurance Company which they ARE NOT!
  • Very deceptive in their advertising practices. 
  • There is a 4 year look back for health. (Not normal for these policies)
  • Advertise ridiculously low rates that are not realistic. 
  • Many negative reviews. 

What is the Best Option?

The best option for you to take care of your Final Expense insurance is the one that is tailor made for you. For what the open care senior plan costs, you are much better off exploring your options to find a better solution!

There is no one size fits all in this business, as much as places like Globe Life, Colonial Penn, and Open Care try to make it seem. Each individual is different, and what one person needs for coverage is not what the next person needs. 

I encourage everyone to find an independent agent that you can trust, that knows the business inside and out, and has your best interest at heart. The best place to look is right here!

I represent the best A+ rated carriers across this wonderful country. Companies that you have heard of, that have an outstanding reputation for paying their policyholders and beneficiaries what they deserve. That is what matters most. 

Yes, it is extremely important to get the rates where you want them, which believe me is no problem. However, it is even more important to find a carrier that has a 100% rate of paying the beneficiary. 

If you pay $7.49 or $9.95 a month, which you won’t, for years and years and your beneficiary gets nothing to show for it, what is the point?

Get a better policy, with a better company, for a much better rate when comparing apples to apples. 

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Closing Thoughts

Open Care is just another independent agency that is discovered what works for them. 

They advertise low rates to bring clients in, and then usually do not match them with the same right, and sometimes the proper policy. 

There are much better options out there in my opinion. You can always get yourself a free quote here on my site as well. It will be with an A rated carrier or better, and you will have the best agent available to you. 

As always, feel free to leave your questions and comments in the comment section below, I look forward to serving you and your family!

God Bless.