Best Burial Insurance in Ohio

Finding the best burial insurance in Ohio doesn’t have to be difficult!

Contrary to what many people think, finding great burial insurance, or final expense plans, are very simple. If you are working with an agent or broker like me!

In fact, Ohio is very well known in this industry for people needing this type of life insurance, and I’m sure you are no different. Honestly, we all need it!

This article will help you find the best burial insurance in Ohio, and hopefully guide you to making a decision on what’s best for you and your family, regardless if it’s here with me or not!

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What is Burial Insurance?

Before we get too far, we need to first understand what exactly burial insurance is. There are many terms for it, commonly final expense, or burial insurance, but what it actually is is a form of life insurance. Specifically, whole life insurance. 

This means the policy lasts for your entire life. That’s right, you never have to worry about the policy cancelling or lapsing due to your health or age. The only reason they can go away is if you don’t pay for it!

It is commonly called final expense or burial insurance for a couple reasons. 

The main reason is the coverage amounts and ages. These policies range across the board from amounts of $1,000 up to $50,000. They cover people from ages 50-85 typically. 

These policies aren’t designed for younger folks, but seniors who may even have some health issues. This brings me to the next part of burial insurance!

These policies are considered “Simplified Issue”. Now if you aren’t in the industry like me, you may not know what this means, so let me explain:

Many of you looking for life insurance may be discouraged because you have heard that people have to go through medical exams or physicals to qualify for coverage. This is very true! 


With simplified issue policies, like final expense or burial insurance, there is no health exam or physical. You simply answer the questions on the application in regard to health and lifestyle, and the carrier will do a prescription check. 

That simple!

These policies also pay out very quickly. Your beneficiary won’t have to worry about not receiving a check in the mail, and they typically send out within a couple of days after the claim is made! 

Basically, these policies are whole life plans, that issue very fast (most of the time you are covered the same day), as well as pay out fast! They are a perfect fit for seniors that don’t have any coverage, or have term policies but want something permanent for their families. 

Best Options for Ohio

First and foremost, I believe it is very important for people to work with a professional. Especially when we are talking about something as important as life insurance. 

The fact of the matter is there are so many “insurance agents” out there in today, and they honestly won’t be around in the business very long. It is important to vet your agent or broker. You want to make sure you are getting the absolute best deal that you can, and the best policy. 

Here at Ark insurance, I represent the absolute best insurance carriers in the nation, and I have specialized in this form of life insurance for 80+% of my career. I know these policies inside and out, and I have been around for quite some time.

I do have my professional opinion of the best burial insurance carriers in Ohio, and I have an article about that which you can find here

Here I will list the top options that I believe are the best for Ohio seniors. 

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is often my top choice for seniors, including Ohio seniors. 

Many of you know them, and if you don’t, you actually probably have. Especially if you watched television in the 60’s-70’s. The company actually sponsored a popular show called “Wild Kingdom”. 

They have been around for over 100 years, and simply have the best rates in the entire nation for many clients. This company is a great choice for Ohio seniors who are healthy, or only have a few minor issues like High blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. 

They are not my choice for those with more serious health issues, simply because I believe there are better options for those clients. Mutual of Omaha beats everyone for healthy clients though!

If this is you, and you’d like to get a quote, you can actually get one by clicking one of the “Check Burial Insurance Rates Here” buttons, or simply filling out the form on this page. You will get an instant quote! No, I don’t collect your info and not give you pricing. You actually will see real numbers, and have the option to select what carrier you like! 

I would bet Mutual of Omaha will be at the top for you, especially if you are healthy!


Yet another carrier that you most likely know, or at least have heard of, is Aetna/CVS. 

If you see the pharmacies with CVS signs on them, this is that company! Just the life insurance sector of the business. 

They have a fantastic product, and amazing rates. What I like most about them is that even my clients that have COPD can get day one coverage with CVS and not go through a waiting period

If you are someone with COPD, and aren’t currently on oxygen, I suggest you definitely give CVS a look for a burial insurance quote! They are the best for that situation in my professional opinion. 

Aetna has been around for a very long time just like Mutual of Omaha. For the right person, Aetna/CVS is the best choice! The rates are hard to beat, especially for the right client. 

Prosperity Life

Prosperity Life should always be in the conversation for top carrier choices in Ohio for burial insurance. They are a fantastic company, and have very competitive rates. 

The final expense product that they have, the New Vista product, is amazing. I like to use Prosperity for my clients that have more serious health concerns. Maybe COPD with oxygen, along with Diabetes and insulin use. They are fantastic for that niche, and have an amazing “graded” product for it. 

The graded product has a waiting period, but don’t worry. If you were to pass away in the first 48 months, your beneficiary will still be receiving a check, just not in the full face amount of the policy. It will be a percentage! 

This is not my first choice for all clients, which is why I have several companies and products! With that said, they definitely have their place, and are great for their specific niche. 

Royal Neighbors of America

If you are a client who wants to do business with a company that has a fantastic history, and great living benefits as well, Royal Neighbors of America, or RNA, is the company for you! 

They were founded in the 1800’s by 9 women. How incredible is that? I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been, but I am sure thankful they pulled it off! Their final expense product is second to none considering the benefits. 

When you become a policyholder with RNA, you receive benefits such as telehealth, a free basic will and testament, discounts, and more. Because of this, naturally their prices are a touch higher, but it is definitely worth it. 

I love using RNA for my clients with issues like Diabetes, mental issues, Bipolar disorder, and some others. I have found they have the best rates, and day one coverage for many issues related to the ones I listed. 

It is for that reason that they made this list. 

Closing Thoughts

The easiest thing to do if you are a looking for the best burial insurance in Ohio is to simply get a quote here on my site. That is the first step, and the most important one. 

Above all, we need to get you covered with the best company possible at the best rate available to you. That is why I love this business! Protecting families is what I do!

Ohio has fantastic options for burial insurance, and I believe you should take advantage of them sooner rather than later. With inflation rising, you never know what rates will be in a year or a month from now. The time is now!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me below or reach out to me! I look forward to serving you and your family!

God Bless.