State Farm Burial Insurance | What To Know (2023)

Being a person that is interested in burial insurance, there is no doubt that State Farm has crossed your mind! Maybe you have even checked rates with them before reading this, and want to get an honest look into State Farm Burial Insurance from an independent broker. 

Above all, it is so important to know exactly what you are getting into when it comes to choosing your burial insurance provider. So does State Farm even have burial insurance? What does burial insurance with State Farm look like? 

These are all topics we will cover in this 100% transparent review of this product, and allow you to make the best, informed decision for you and your family.  

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Does State Farm Have Burial Insurance?

Much like other popular Home and Auto insurance carriers, State Farm does in fact offer burial insurance. 

With that being said, it may not be the best solution to the ultimate problem. The problem is that all of us will eventually pass away. No matter what we do to prolong it, it will still come. This means that each of us will have families that will have to go through a financial hardship in order to bury us or give us our final wishes, unless we have something like burial insurance to prevent that. 

Most importantly, the goal is to keep our families from having to suffer anymore than they have to. State Farm has this goal as well with their burial insurance product. Sadly, the product is just not very good when compared to the Top burial insurance providers in the country. 

What makes it not so good?

Burial insurance that is offered through State Farm is what is called a guaranteed issue product. This means that there is waiting period before the full death benefit would pay out to the beneficiary. 

For example, if you had a burial insurance policy with State Farm and passed away in the first 24 months, your beneficiary will only receive 110% of the premiums that you have paid. Basically, this means they will receive a refund plus 10%. Don’t get me wrong, this is still not a horrible deal, but only for the right person. 

Ultimately, if a person is healthy, they don’t deserve to have to go through a 2-year waiting period. Because of that, I don’t ever put my healthy clients in policies that have waiting periods. All of them will receive day one coverage with the best carriers in the country. 

Sadly enough, with State Farm’s burial insurance, no matter if you are the healthiest man or woman on the planet, you will have a waiting period. There are simply better options out there for people, as well as more affordable options which we will get into. 

State Farm Burial Insurance Rates

Although State Farm may have the best home and auto insurance rates in your area, it will not be the same when it comes to Burial Insurance. 

This is the same story for most big name home and auto carriers, they just can’t compete with the carriers that are offered at Ark Burial Insurance

With transparency being so important, I will provide a table below about actual  burial insurance rates that you can expect when you work with the best burial insurance agency around, that represents the best carriers in the country. 

At State Farm, you can expect to have to spend anywhere from 10-40% more. Depending on the coverage amounts and situation, that could be even higher. Simply put, you work hard for your money, so you should get the absolute best value for your dollar. 

Burial Insurance Rates

Here is a realistic example of what you can expect when looking at the top burial insurance companies in the nation! 

This is only $10,000 in coverage, so for other numbers feel free to get your personalized quote here on my site! Alternatively, just fill out the quote box to the right of this article!

AgeMale Non-Smoker
Female Non-Smoker
Male Smoker
Female Smoker

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Burial Insurance Better than State Farm

Looking at alternatives to State Farm for your burial insurance needs, there are many options to choose from! With that being said, I do have some personal favorites that I believe fit nearly all of my clients needs. 

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is one of my top carriers for a variety of reasons. If you are someone that was around in the 70’s and 80’s you know who this company is! With the family gathered around, you probably watched an outdoor show called Wild Kingdom presented by United of Omaha. This is them!

They have been around for over 100 years, hold very strong financial ratings, and always pay out. My clients with Mutual of Omaha never have to worry whether or not their beneficiary will receive a check when they pass away. 


Aetna/CVS is a fantastic carrier that has also been around for a long time. When you see the CVS signs at a Walgreens or pharmacy, this is the same company!

With an easy application process, and exceptional rates, teamed up with lenient underwriting, it makes the burial insurance program offered a very lucrative product. 

They also have household discounts when adding medicare plans as well, which many clients love. 

Royal Neighbors of America

Royal Neighbors is a fantastic carrier with arguably one of the most interesting stories. 

Founded in the late 1800’s by four women, this company has held strong ever since. In a time when women had little rights, they came together and made one of the best insurance companies in the country. 

Royal Neighbors is fantastic for clients with diabetes, and perhaps even complications from diabetes. You can still get day one coverage with these issues. 

Great Western

Great Western, while a great insurance company, is only my go to for my guarantee issue clients. 

This means they will have many health issues that are serious such as cancer, congestive heart failure, COPD with oxygen use, etc. If they have these issues, they will have to most likely get a guaranteed issue policy. 

Great Western has arguably one of the best ones in the industry! They have such an easy signature process, and a great customer support focus, which is why I choose them for my go to Guarantee Issue clients. 

Closing Thoughts

In closing, the most important thing is to make sure your family is in the best position possible. 

That may mean checking into State Farm’s burial insurance plans, but ultimately you should check into a independent broker like here at Ark Burial. Do yourself and your family a favor by getting a free quote here today. You even have the option to Pre-Qualify on this site as well. Under the “Tools” section at the top. 

Ultimately, I want to see you and your family protected in the best way possible. 

As always, leave your questions and comments for me below. I look forward to serving you and your family!

God Bless.